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BHL is an educational group with the goal of developing private education in Vietnam, bringing the best of globalization of education to the young generation in Vietnam.

A University lecturer used to struggle to change students’ mindset, then she realized that radical changes are impossible, unless we try to affect them since the first years of receiving education. For that reason, she found BHL Education in 2016, together with her partner who also devoted many years to education, sharing the same passion and dedication.

The founders of BHL were aware that private education only took a very small portion, in comparison to traditional public education. However, that tiny slice has been growing rapidly in the recent years, proving the increasing demand from students and parents

about us

At BHL, we aim to bring recognized and proven programs in the World, to create the best learning and maturity environment for children from kindergarten to highschool

The education chains that BHL invests, operates and develops are diverse, but they share the same core value, which is “student-orientation”. Our effort is to contribute to nurturing a confident, proactive and fully developed physically, intellectually and skillfully young Vietnamese generation. From that expectation, BHL focuses on professionalizing private educational institutions, providing optimal governance and operations. We are a devoted and trustworthy companion to develop and scale up verified education products.

about us